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Some Things You Should Know About the Incredible Hulk Slot Machine


The Incredible Hulk slot machine is an excellent progressive slot machine made possible by Playtech. It comes with several game features such as expanding Hulk, unique smash bonus, scatter icon, and wild symbol features. The Incredible Hulk slot machine is equipped with top of the line effects and graphics. With all of these things combined, it is not surprising why the Incredible Hulk slot machine has turned out to be one the best slot machines in this day and age.


Some Incredible Hulk slot machine facts


Do you exude a great amount of superhuman strength? Have you experienced getting so mad to the point where you feel as if you are no longer becoming yourself? If the answer to both questions is a yes, then the slot hulk machine is definitely a game for you. This game allows you to channel your aggression in the healthiest of ways. Furthermore, if you play the game right, then you are sure to get a whole lot of money for your anger. What usually stands out as you play this comic book-inspired slot machine is the entire presentation of the game. Its graphics, effects, and music are just all out excellent. It is sure to provide slot machine players a superbly executed slot machine experience like no other.


The mechanics of playing the Incredible Hulk slot machine


The free incredible hulk slots comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines. It also comprises feature symbols that are related to the Incredible Hulk comic book series. Bet denominations range between 1 pence and 5 pounds. You may choose to bet per line between 1 and 10 times the denomination. Basically, this implies that the total initial bet could range from a pence to 250 pounds. Now, this is quite a wide bet range, truth be told.


The Incredible Hulk slot machines comes with specialized features. The scatter bonus is one of its features that allow players of the game to win from 10 to 100 free spins while getting a 3x multiplier. The smash bonus is another popular specialized feature of the game. This feature is activated when a smash bonus icon is displayed on the first and fifth reels. This feature allows you to healthily express your aggression by smashing police cars and helicopters. And what is even good about smashing them is that you get to receive several bonuses. Now, such a feature definitely lets you hit two birds with one stone. You may watch and gather more ideas at


So, what are you waiting for? Try playing the Incredible Hulk slot machine game now, and surely you will not regret it!