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The designers of video slot machines are now getting their inspirations from the comic book characters. This is because of the obvious reason that these comic book world is a great source of ideas, static graphics fit for slot machines, plus the adventures of the characters featured in these comic books are good sources of inspiring adventures that are great for bonus games.


There are several comic heroes that have made their way at incredible hulk slots either through live or online. For example, the Amazing Spiderman has proved its popularity in the slot machine, with its resemblance to the comics and with air of menace and darkness.The many heroes of Marvel Comics have made their way as casino slots, either live or online.


Another character that has gained popularity in the world of slot machine is the Incredible Hulk. You will see and experience the hulk slot machine giving bonus as the hulk tear away his way for a violent fun. Great jackpots are also offered by this popular comic magazine, with jackpot combinations formulated and providing customers with monster prizes. Other comic characters like the Fantastic Four and Thor have also their own slots, showing the Human Torch graphics being impressive.


Another popular character Hellboy is also being transformed into a slot game. The fans of the comics at first thought it obscure to find their favourite characters turned into slot machine games, but later realized they were wrong especially with the success of the slot machines turned action hero machines.


Another popular comic magazine also had their some of their characters adapted to make slots like Batman and the alluring Wonder Woman. The slot machine game developers have done a great job of showing Wonder Woman vapourizing various kinds of enemies with equivalent bonus games. And as comic based slot machines are gaining popularity, we can expect more comic adaptations of super heroes. Learn more about hulk slots at


In the past, the designers of video slot machines were looking for inspirations and it was a proven great idea to turn super heroes as their source of fresh concepts for different slot games. Aside from the brand recognition, super heroes project glamour, excitement, energy and glamour. These are exactly what would attract people to plat one slot machine in comparison to the usual video games.


Another super hero got his own popularity among the hundreds of slots and this is Superman. It is considered as the most complex, with a huge 50 payout lines compared to the other video slots that pay between 9 and 25 lines.